JewishCare provides the widest range of services and resources to help older people to remain in their own homes living active and independent lives. JewishCare is the most trusted name in our community and is a guarantee of the highest quality of care.

Importantly the vast majority of people who will provide the care in your home are employees of JewishCare which means they are qualified, trained, police checked and supervised to ensure that they will provide the highest quality of service.

JewishCare adopts a Person Centred Approach which acknowledges that the older person and their family are the best authorities on what type of help will make a difference to their lives. JewishCare’s caring and experienced staff will work with you to determine how this help can be provided.

JewishCare also has a number of ways that it can provide material and financial assistance for members of the community in a crisis.

Anyone can make a referral and confidentiality is assured.

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