Information regarding survivors who Immigrated to Australia

JewishCare has records of  survivors who came to Australia before and after WWII.  To find out what information is available please call us  on 1300 133 660.  Access to this information is subject privacy and other guidelines.

A number of these services are funded by The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) which distributes a weekly e-mail bulletin on current restitution developments and Claims Conference activities. To subscribe go to or send an email to


Club 50 which as part of JewishCare’s Community Club Network is available to provide social support to survivors

JewishCare is in a unique position of being able to offer special services to Holocaust survivors. This includes:

Funded home support packages which help survivors to remain living independently in their own homes. These Tikvah packages can, depending on physical needs, provide up to 25 hours of support per week

Emergency funding which can be used to provide short term emergency help for financially less well-off survivors

Russian Community Project

JewishCare’s Restitution program provides Holocaust survivors and their families with:


  •    Information about the types of Restitution that may be most appropriate to their experience as well as keeping applicants up to date   with the latest information on current and new funds
  •    Advice on how to complete and send the necessary forms in order to lodge an application for Restitution
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