JewishCare’s home care packages are designed to give you the support you need to remain living independently

We understand considering home care can be confusing, complex and an emotional decision and we’re here to welcome you into our diverse and inclusive community and make the process as easy and supportive as possible. Helping our community is what we’ve been doing since 1936, so we have more experience, expertise and practical solutions in providing a helping hand.

Start the Conversation

Worried about a loved one? Then you’ll love our free booklet, Home care support: Start the conversation available for you to download.

Worrying about the welfare of loved ones can be challenging, approaching the conversation of home support can be even harder! JewishCare have created the Home care support: Start the conversation guide to help you focus on raising your concerns in a healthy, respectful and practical way.

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We have free resources available to help you take your next step.

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JewishCare’s home care packages are designed to give you more. We are more than just care, we’re a community. A community that provides social groups to join, additional funding if you’re in need and culturally sensitive care.

Great value, bespoke service and more than personal care. We support the whole person to optimise the physical, emotional, cultural and social wellbeing goals of the individual and are here for your family as well.

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Why consider home care?

Our clients tell us they wish they’d got home care earlier! Here’s some of the reasons why:

  • “I have more energy and time to do the things I love.”
    What do our clients enjoy doing? Anything from spending more time with the grandchildren to baking, volunteering and meeting with friends.
  • “I don’t feel like a burden now.”
    Loved ones are often the first to help, however between them juggling their busy lives and your desire to remain independent, home care can be a win-win for everyone.
  • “I didn’t realise all the different sorts of support I can receive.”
    From domestic help, to transport, grocery shopping, meals, home modifications, safety devices, personal care and pats for pets, home care is designed around enabling and supporting you to remain as active and comfortable living independently at home for as long as possible.
  • “I’m so glad I planned for the future.”
    When an unexpected accident or health event occurs, our clients find having a home care package provides great peace of mind to you and your family.

If you’re worried about the wellbeing of a love one, download our free Start the conversation booklet.

Why consider JewishCare?

When you get JewishCare home support, you join a community. A community that provides social groups to join, additional funding if you’re in need and
culturally sensitive care.

Great value

JewishCare are able to provide more services thanks to our multiple funding streams (we don’t just rely on the Government) and community status, including:

  • No basic daily fees.
  • Free social work.
  • Free occupational therapy (OT) until January 2022.
  • Free wraparound services such as social groups, volunteer programs to reduce isolation and advocacy.
  • Free resources – such as our Start the Conversation and How to get a package booklets.

More than physical care

At JewishCare we really do support the whole person to optimise the physical, emotional, cultural and social wellbeing goals of the individual. We pride ourselves on being a supportive, inclusive and caring community and consider our clients part of our extended family. We are experts in complex case management, providing peace-of-mind, expertise and solutions for family carers and the client.

  • Physical – with expertise for all home care package levels, we specialise in the clinical care required for level 3 and 4 packages to ensure we’re equipped to support you if things change.
  • Emotional – with free social work support for you and your family, JewishCare are also leaders in our community in enhancing mental wellbeing and suicide prevention for all ages.
  • Cultural expertise – with a diverse workforce and expertise spanning continents, our knowledge, insights and cultural sensitivities allow us to support your cultural needs better and strengthen our community as a whole. Many of our employees and multilingual with Russian, Polish, Hebrew and Afrikaans speakers (plus more) available to assist.
  • Social – JewishCare is more than care, we’re a meeting place, for connecting, supporting and reflecting. We have many free programs to keep you connected, friendship groups to introduce you to, events to attend and strong networks to introduce you to your local Synagogue or community.

Additional Funding

JewishCare are the only organisation in Australia able to access the Claims Conference funding to support Holocaust survivors. This means eligible home care package recipients can gain extra services and support to remaining living at home longer. Ask us about our Tikvah Fund today.

JewishCare also have our Financial Assistance Fund to provide additional support to our community experiencing financial crisis and for when things don’t go as planned.

Our additional funding streams means we’re able to support all our clients better, with allied health and care employees employed by JewishCare (not an agency) and readily at hand. Find out more about the different financial assistance programs available at JewishCare here.

Bespoke service

JewishCare is big enough to provide comprehensive support, but small enough to offer bespoke service. Together with our in-house allied health employees, we work in a close-knit team readily at hand to respond to customer enquiries.

Because the majority of our carers are in-house employees, your level of service is improved through quicker, more efficient communication, reporting, service and skills training, cultural sensitivity and language support.

We won’t promise to be perfect, but we do promise to be solutions-focused and responsive to any challenges that arise.

Our Services

JewishCare have been providing a helping hand since 1936, it’s what we do. Home care is more than personal care or domestic assistance and what we help you with is your choice. Here’s some of the things we can do to help you have more energy and independence to remain living comfortably at home for as long as possible.

Personal Care

We specialise in complex case management and clinical care for level 3 and 4 packages, so rest assured we’re here to support you for as long as you want to live at home and offer great value to our community and package holders, including:

  • Occupational therapy (OT) – our OTs are employed by JewishCare and are free for those receiving home care packages through us. They can help with safety assessments to make recommendations for home modifications or mobility equipment, advocacy, function support after health events and fall preventions.
  • Social work – our social work team are JewishCare employees, available to support you, your family and carer’s welfare needs, cognitive decline, provide coping strategies and completion of enduring power of attorney, end of life requests, advance care directive and state guardianship applications, without charge to your package.
  • Meals – with a plethora of great meal services on the market, your home care package will help you prioritise your nutritional requirements while taking away the stress of food preparation, cooking and cleaning. We can help you identify something perfect for you while respecting cultural, religious or dietary preferences.
  • Transport – support with shopping, personal, social and medical appointments and outings.
  • Respite – perfect for when things don’t go as plan or a carer needs to attend to other activities. Having a home care package enables you to receive respite services at home, at daily senior’s centre’s like Burger Centre or for periods of time following surgery or other health events with greater efficiency and ease.
  • Technology – our team will help you work out new gadgets, use the internet, connect to family, receive remote services, attend classes or assess and implement personal assistive and safety technology.
  • Personal care – such as showering, dressing, continence and mobility aids and medication reminders. We can help you brush your hair, shave, brush your teeth and clean your dentures!
  • Nursing – our agency partners help with all your post hospital care requirements both in person and remotely such as wound and disease management, medications and continence management.
  • Allied health – we can support you to make, attend and identify various allied health solutions, plus:
    • Hearing – we can help with battery changes and daily fitting and auditory testing, aids, maintenance.
    • Vision – we can help with glasses cleaning and prescription check-ups.
    • Dental – oral hygiene is imperative for good health. We can help brush your teeth and clean your dentures.
    • Podiatry – you’ve walked hundreds of millions of steps and ongoing maintenance is critical for fall prevention, pain avoidance and hygiene. A podiatrist can help with nail trimming, musculoskeletal assessments and maintaining pain free mobility, balance and skin support.
    • Speech therapy – critical for people experiencing eating or swallowing problems. Speech therapy is also important for those living with dementia, stroke and head injuries who are starting to struggle with voice and language.
    • Dietitians – as we age, our nutritional needs change and a dietitian can assess your health needs. They will provide information on nutrition issues, healthy eating habits and develop meal and nutrition plans in liaison with your cultural, religious or dietary preferences.
    • Physiotherapy/ massage/ osteopaths – perfect for relieving aches and pains, these appointments can be supported by Medicare and your home care package. Talk to us or your doctor for regular appointments to maintain mobility and enjoy pain relief.
  • Social connections – JewishCare packages don’t just offer you carer company for social outings and at home. Our wide network of volunteers and inclusive social clubs gives you the opportunity to make new friends both at home and in the community. Ask about our free Links and Call2Connect programs or join us at the Burger Centre for hydrotherapy, Russian, art, music and more.

In the home

  • House – light bulb replacement, smoke detector battery changes, safety equipment and modifications, spring cleans, cobweb removal, dusting, annual blind cleans, pest control, vacuuming, mopping, tidying (including hoarding support) and home technology like smoke, gas and heat alarms, video doorbells, virtual assistants, security alarms, sensor lighting and amplified phones.
  • Bedrooms – adjustable beds, transfer and continence aids and linen changes.
  • Bathrooms – from the mirrors to the showers, we can help you keep your bathroom clean, hygienic and safe, including the assessment for and provision of shower chairs, grab rails and non-slip matting.
  • Laundry – we can help do the washing, drying and ironing.
  • Kitchen – annual oven cleans, food preparation, meal delivery, grocery shopping and rubbish removal.

Outside the home

Home safety and enjoyment extends to outside your home, so your package can also help with home maintenance such as:

  • Gardening – from spring pruning, to weed removing and mowing, let the green thumbs amongst us help you enjoy your outdoor spaces more by improving accessibility and helping you stay on top of maintenance.
  • Pressure washing – keep the windows clean, cobwebs way and driveways oil free and safe.
  • Gutter cleaning – ensure water runs freely through the piping without dirt, plant matter and blockages.
  • Security systems – such as alarms, sensor lights and home monitoring.


Apart from pets, we can help you with walks, feeding, vet trips and grooming to ensure your best buddy is at their best.

Our Costs

JewishCare home care packages give you more value, more care and bespoke service at a competitive price.

Your home care package level determines how much funds you have to spend on services to support you living at home independently.


JewishCare is a full-service provider with bespoke customer service. This means you have more time and less stress to enjoy the things you want to do. Our charges do not include a basic daily fee (saving you around $300 per month), just a case management and admin charge, as follows:

We do not charge our package clients for:

  • Basic daily fees
  • Social work
  • Occupational therapy
  • Exit fees
  • Service provider choices

Our service charges

JC Service Charges

We also charge $1 per kilometre travel costs.

* Fees current as of January 2022 and may change. Contact us for the latest fee information.

Our service charges

JC Service Charges

We also charge $1 per kilometre travel costs.

* Fees current as of January 2022 and may change. Contact us for the latest fee information.

If you need help starting the process, want to start or transfer your package or have any queries, contact our Customer Experience team on 1300 133 670 or for a confidential discussion.