This program provides counselling and support for those who have suffered a loss or are grieving.

This can include people experiencing:

  • Loss from death of a loved one as well as loss resulting from miscarriage
  • Serious accident or deterioration in health
  • End of life / palliative issues

The program offers the opportunity to talk to someone who is trained to offer empathy and understanding and who understands the process of grieving.

Grief, Loss & Bereavement

What is Grief?

Grief is an emotional response to loss. Adjusting to a changed world after deep loss can be an extremely intense process, affecting our ability to function in everyday life.

What is our Chessed (Compassion) Program?

JewishCare’s Grief, Loss and Bereavement program provides counselling and support for those in the Jewish community who have suffered loss and are in the process of grieving.

While loss is often associated with death, the Chessed program also helps people who are experiencing loss as a result of trauma, health deterioration, relationship break down, migration, job loss and other difficult life-disrupting experiences.

Chessed’s Counselling Clinic

Chessed’s Counselling Clinic is a low cost, affordable clinic offering therapy from qualified, experienced professionals trained to listen with empathy and understanding.

Wolper Jewish Hospital

Our Counsellors provide support to patients and family members in the Palliative Care and medical wards.

Grief & Loss Workshops

Workshops on Grief & Loss are offered to the public and to the therapeutic community from time to time.

For more information please contact Des Kahn at or call 9302 8017.