JewishCare provides an extensive range of services that assist individuals, families and children  in the Jewish community who are vulnerable or are in a crisis through a range of supports and services.

We adopt a Person-Centred Approach which acknowledges that the person involved is the best authority on what type of support will make a difference to their lives.

Our qualified, experienced and caring caseworkers will work with you to identify your needs and determine a plan of attainable goals. We will then collaborate with you over a set period of time towards achieving positive outcomes and favourable change.

JA range of programs are available to support people to gain independence, increase resilience, and build strength and capacity to make powerful life decisions.

JewishCare also has a number of ways that it can provide material and financial assistance for members of the community in a crisis.

Anyone can make a referral and confidentiality is assured

Call FirstCall JewishCare on 1300 133 660 or submit this Referral Form