Our Domestic Violence (DV) program can assist adults and children in unstable environments through the provision of specialist casework and counselling. Our aim is to help de-escalate conflict, support behaviour change and empower our clients to foster healthier respectful relationships.

Our priority is always the safety and wellbeing of our clients and their children.


This may include safety planning and crisis support – financial assistance and referrals to housing or other services. Our caseworkers help clients develop a plan to keep themselves and their families safe and work towards minimising future conflict and abuse.


Ongoing case management and domestic violence counselling focus on psycho-education – increasing the client’s awareness of the types of abuse, cycles of violence and relationship patterns. Referrals are often made to internal and external services.

Support may also include helping clients access employment, assisting with apprehended violence orders (ADVOs), understanding the court process (family and district), post-separation guidance and de-escalation of conflict strategies, as well as liaising with police, school counsellors, the Department of Community and Justice (DCJ – formerly known as FaCs or DoCs) and government and non-government family support services.


NoAbuse is a whole of a community strategy to raise awareness about domestic violence in all its forms and consequences.

Love Bites is an in-school violence prevention program for year 10 students. This program is rolled out to all Jewish and independent schools in the eastern suburbs.


We regularly hold training sessions to help parents navigate the behaviour of children and youth in their households. Please contact us to enquire about our next training session on 1300 133 660.

123 Magic & Emotion Coaching – a program to help parents and carers (of children aged two-12 years old) manage their children’s behaviour and build their child’s emotional resourcefulness.

Engaging Adolescents – a program that equips parents and carers with skills to resolve teenage behaviours.

Keeping Kids in Mind – a course for parents experiencing conflict after separation.


JewishCare’s No Abuse Strategy is a community targeted prevention program that aims to increase awareness and identify and respond to domestic and family violence (DFV), in turn promoting respectful healthy relationships.

It is important to realise that domestic violence constitutes any form of abusive behaviour that seeks to gain and maintain control over another person that can occur in person or virtually through technology. Abusive behaviour can include:

  • Physical abuse includes sexual abuse or threats towards yourself, family members or pets.
  • Psychological and emotional abuse.
  • Verbal abuse which threatens, degrades or insults people or pets.
  • Intimidation, harassment and stalking.
  • Social isolation includes being stopped or discouraged from seeing friends and family.
  • Financial abuse and being forced to live without money.
  • Spiritual, religious and cultural abuse – is where someone shames you into changing your behaviour based on spiritual, religious or cultural controls.
  • Image abuse – when imagery of you is shared, or threatened to share, without your permission.

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