At JewishCare we understand that people live in all sorts of situations and that families come in all shapes and forms at different stages of our lives.

No one is immune to current global pressures. Situations and dynamics can change slowly over time, or suddenly overnight, which can lead to an untenable crisis and overwhelm.

The current global climate and the impact of the pandemic has exacerbated everyday stresses in our homes and has led many families to experience an emotional and/or financial breakdown.


Even if you have never sought assistance of any kind before, the JewishCare Individual and Family Support Program can assist people who are in vulnerable situations, with a professional, non-judgmental and client-centered approach.

This could involve issues such as:

  • Family breakdown and stress
  • Domestic violence
  • Social isolation
  • Visa issues
  • Financial crisis and job loss
  • Chronic or acute physical Illness
  • Substance abuse and other addictions (gambling, gaming, hoarding).
  • Depression and mental health issues
  • Parenting difficulties, including parents with learning difficulties
  • Parenting of children with special needs, learning difficulties, twice exceptional diagnoses and gifted children.

Clients are assessed and case managed by JewishCare’s professional and qualified staff.

A case plan of agreed goals will be developed in collaboration with the individual or family to offer the most appropriate services which will best meet their needs.


  • Assistance and advocacy with navigating government and non-government organisations such as My Gov, Centrelink, Immigration, Housing NSW, NDIA/S, FACS, State Debt Recovery Office, Australian Taxation Office and Corrective Services NSW (FJA)
  • In Home Support – aimed at assisting with overcoming crisis situations and providing respite care, eliminate social isolation, skill building for parenting and child care skills and increasing the self-esteem of children and adults
  • Hardship Assistance – providing funding for bills, debts, dental bills, food parcels, Work and Development Orders, and other financial supports.
  • Referrals – to other sources of specialist support. This may include temporary and short-term accommodation, psychologists, psychiatrists, dentists, and other allied health professionals from our team of Affiliated Professionals, as well as government support, etc
  • Community Education – where appropriate staff will encourage families to engage in short courses on relevant issues, such as parenting young children and teenagers, post- separation courses for parents who are experiencing high levels of conflict
  • Support Groups – The program runs regular groups on topics including: domestic violence, parents with special needs, parenting children with special needs, grandparents as carers, groups for children and teenagers. a men’s group, a single parent group, a group for parents of children with ADHD.


The program utilises volunteers who provide a wide range of supports including making and delivering meals, and visiting isolated members of the community etc

If you are interested in becoming assisting the Family Support program – volunteer for JewishCare by calling 1300 133 660.

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