Flexible Funds are available to support Jewish families and children with a disabilities by providing funds that can be spent on regular or unexpected needs as they arise. This is based on the family’s particular lifestyle and support needs and takes into account the changes that may occur over time. The funding is allocated each year and may be used for respite (for example during school holidays or weekends or payment for needed therapy (occupational therapy, speech therapy etc).

JewishCare can also help people with a disability and their families who are in need of emergency finance or other material support by accessing community funds which are administrated by JewishCare. These funds can provide Coles vouchers and payment of medical/pharmaceutical expenses etc. The support is offered to eligible members of the community and a financial assessment by JewishCare staff is required.


“I don’t know what we would do without JewishCare.  They are so caring and efficient as well as being flexible.”

Stella Wolfgang’s daughter Maryla

“As our needs have increased so has JewishCare’s help.  Without JewishCare’s wonderful caring staff we would be in a home for the aged for sure.”

Charles Solomon