Options assists children and young people with disabilities to reach their potential by providing resources to improve quality of life and participation in the community, responding holistically to issues and referring appropriately when necessary, Options works in a collaborative partnership with the individual and his or her family to set and achieve meaningful and realistic goals, focusing on strengths instead of weaknesses. There are a number of services attached to the Options program.

Flexible Funds

Flexible Funds are made available via the generosity of the Jewish community to support Jewish families and children with a disability by providing funds that can be spent on regular or unexpected needs as they arise. This is based on the families’ particular lifestyle and support needs and takes account of the changes that may occur over time. The funds can be used to pay for JewishCare support staff or to pay for therapies.

Case Work Services

A qualified case worker is available to assist Jewish families who have a family member with a disability. The help provided is determined by the needs of each family in order help them to build a meaningful and independent life for a person with a disability. Our case workers cannot undertake complex case management, and will refer you to an organisation that is funded to do this work.

This may involve:

  • Setting realistic and achievable goals
  • Determining what aspects of the person’s life require support from JewishCare
  • Help determine the how best to access the supports and resources that are required