J-JOBS (funded by JCA’s The Choice Foundation)

J-JOBS funded by JCA’s The Choice Foundation is an innovative approach to getting and maintaining meaningful employment for a job seeker with a disability. J-JOBS is centered on the customised employment approach and uses proactive strategies to match the you to your ideal job. Emphasis is placed on you, where your preferences, skills and motivation is used to guide the process of the employment journey.

How does J-JOBS work?

The aim of J-JOBS is to match the you into a mainstream employment role that is of interest to you and ensuring it is of equal benefit to the employer.  Here’s how we do it.


Explores all facets of your life to identify the conditions necessary for successful and positive employment. This includes discovering your interests  and the potential contributions you will offer to the employer.

Job development

Working collaboratively with both you and the employer to carve a job. This development will take into account terms of employment, your interests and skills , provision of supports and the unmet needs of the employer.

Post placement support

Ensuring there is adequate post placement support with a focus on monitoring the employment relationship to ensure both employer and you are satisfied with the role.

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There are many people in our community who are ready and willing to work.  They just need an opportunity to prove themselves.  Through a process of education and support, J-jobs aims to help businesses and organisations in our community be inclusive and responsive to young people with special needs, and increase the capacity for them to participate in the work force.


Partnering with J-JOBS allows you to give someone in our community ‘a go’ and provide mutual benefit for your business at the same time.  J-JOBS represents a low risk for employers.  We undertake a thorough and wuality tested process to match a person to ajob that is right for him or her, and right for your business.

Each employee is supported and trained to agreed expectations and retained beyond probation only if expectations are met.  Indefinite on-the-job support is provided for the employer and employee at no cost to the employer and we work with you to find the right employees to manage your routine or repetitive tasks releasing under-utilised experienced staff for other activities.

On average, employing people with a disability does not cost any more than employing people without a disability.  Additionally, financial assistance with the cost of customised employment may be available through the Australian Government-Funded Employment Assistance Fund.

J-JOBS staff can provide training and in-service for supervisors or co-workers as required.

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