Jobs Open!

Community organisations JewishCare and Jewish House have formed a landmark partnership with the launch of Jobs Open! The joint initiative is designed to connect local employers with job seekers in the community, helping businesses and individuals to thrive during these difficult times.

Jobs Open! encourages employers to be open to employment diversity, helping place job seekers from all backgrounds, including those with a disability.

The collaboration has already produced some great results, with employers benefiting from advancing their corporate social responsibility and strengthening their workplace culture.

“When we were first approached by JewishCare to employ someone with a disability at Salon Lane, we recognised the unique opportunity to promote a workplace of diversity and inclusiveness,” said the business’ co-founder and CEO, Jared Keen.

“Rebecca has shown us the importance of seeing people’s abilities first. We are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in her life and, more importantly, in the lives of all our employees, members and clients.”

Lisa and Adrian Saunders from Arnies Recon have also found the program beneficial.

“Thank you for introducing us to our new employee. We couldn’t be happier. The wisdom they bring and the questions they’ve asked are invaluable. Their experience means they’re ready to go from the start and bring a wealth of knowledge to the business. Plus, they are grateful to be here, super engaged and independently accountable.”

Job seekers have also provided excellent feedback.

“I was assisted and empowered to get a full-time job by genuinely caring and professional staff ready to help me. That included CV writing and interview practice,” said Liam. He has secured a full-time administrative position as a customer service consultant with an employment agency.

Jobs Open! invites companies to engage with this worthwhile initiative to boost employment outcomes in the community.

You can help by:
• Identifying available positions in your organisation;
• Contacting us for a confidential discussion; and
• Spreading the word about Jobs Open! to other employers and job seekers.

Find out more by contacting Shelana on 1300 133 660 or emailing