Press Release

Press Release – Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

JewishCare NSW with a long history of counselling survivors of child sexual abuse is working with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse to ensure that victims and others impacted during the hearing can access culturally appropriate support from experienced professionals.

JewishCare NSW recognises that the hearings can provide both a positive experience for victims to tell their story and help to identify where systems have failed to protect children from sexual abuse but it also realises that this experience may also trigger many traumatic responses.

Claire Vernon CEO of JewishCare has considerable professional experience dealing with these matters having worked in the area of services for victims of sexual abuse for a number of years.

Claire said “Often people coming to us for a range of issues including mental health do disclose a history of child sexual abuse, usually within the family. Abuse that occurs within an institution adds yet another potentially damaging layer resulting from the inevitable cover ups and power imbalance between the victim and the institution. While there are a number of organisations who are being funded to provide counselling support for those affected by the Royal Commission, JewishCare NSW also offers its resources to the community”.

Anyone who would like to contact JewishCare NSW can be assured of appropriate confidentiality. They should contact FirstCall on 1300 133 660 and ask to be put through to one of our team working with the Commission.