JewishCare knows how important it is for you to stay connected and be part of your community. We open the door for you to meet with your friends, or make new friends and be involved in the community.

JewishCare works with other community organisations to maximise the opportunites for all our service users to be included in main stream activities.

JewishCare always takes a holistic and person centred approach. We know that you and your family know better than anyone, what sort of help will be most beneficial and for that reason we always work closely with the family and offer all support possible.

Lifestyle Coordination

Qualified caseworkers work closely with you and your family to provide support with crisis management, referral as well as liaising with schools and government agencies. Our Beit Chaim Community Living program can assist you to pursue independence and participate fully in community life.  We will work with you to identify your needs and to develop your own vision for the future so you can achieve your goals. We can also assist in providing opportunities for you to fully participate in the mainstream community to gain access to work, volunteering and education.

Circles of Support

A ‘Circle of Support’ focuses on providing guidance to enable people living with disability and their families to build natural support networks. The aim is for you or the family to feel empowered and enhance the decision making by routinely exercising control in matters that impact your life.


“I don’t know what we would do without JewishCare.  They are so caring and efficient as well as being flexible.”

Stella Wolfgang’s daughter Maryla

“As our needs have increased so has JewishCare’s help.  Without JewishCare’s wonderful caring staff we would be in a home for the aged for sure.”

Charles Solomon