JewishCare knows that your home, and how you live, is one of the most important things in your life. The right home helps to encourage stability, independence and social connections. We provide support options for people with various disabilities allowing independent living in a supportive environment, with improved daily living skills and autonomy.

JewishCare understands the range of housing options that are available and will work with you to achieve your preferred option.  Please click on the link below to download a copy of the Living Well Moving On Brochure.

Download Living Well Moving On

Living independently

JewishCare provides flexible, drop in support for people with disabilities who require assistance to live independently in the community. If you made the choice to live independently, our Beit Chaim Community Living program can help you develop living skills, so you can enjoy a greater degree of independence. It also enables you to access and utilise a full range of community resources and facilities. Our support is based on building ability to manage daily living skills such as budgeting, banking, attending medical appointments, shopping, cooking etc. We also focus on building social skills and social inclusion.

Supported Accommodation

JewishCare manages four houses where 24 hour, in home support is provided to individuals who are supported in a group living situation. Supported living creates opportunities for people with disability to live their life in a way that is similar to other shared accommodation in the community.has been providing services and helping people with a disability for decades. We have the widest range of individualised services, which helps people with a disability to achieve their goals and aspirations at home, work or the community.

JewishCare has been helping Roxana Beder for over 30 years. She now lives in her own flat in Maroubra and works for Wingap in Eastgardens.

“My JewishCare support workers help me so much. They helped me to get my current flat that I really like and they help me to keep it tidy. They also help me with the shopping, getting to doctors appointments, with sewing and getting to bowling. We are also now working on improving my computer skills. I can’t imagine my life without JewishCare”.


“I don’t know what we would do without JewishCare.  They are so caring and efficient as well as being flexible.”

Stella Wolfgang’s daughter Maryla

“As our needs have increased so has JewishCare’s help.  Without JewishCare’s wonderful caring staff we would be in a home for the aged for sure.”

Charles Solomon