JewishCare has from its inception in 1936, appreciated that employment is often the ‘missing link’, the critical factor that enables community members to take control of their lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant job losses for members of the community and many are facing dire circumstances.

The need for employment opportunities is now more essential than ever before.  Jewish Care has developed the Project Turnaround program to help those looking for work be in the strongest position to apply for jobs, through intensive job-seeking support which includes:

  • Resume Writing
  • Interview skills
  • Application letters
  • Career coaching/advice/mentoring
  • Workshops/training
  • Job matching

JewishCare is proud to partner with Jewish House through our Jobs Open! initiative in order to strengthen the support for those in the community seeking employment and encourage diversity in the workplace. You can see our latest candidates or obtain more information here.

Jewish Care invites all potential employers to partner with us to help turn lives around by offering positions to those in the community who are unemployed.

Here are some candidates:

High Level Sales/Marketing executive with strong social media experience

Ronnie*has a wealth of global experience across marketing, sales and management with a deep understanding of current technologies. If you’re wanting to grow your business and need help to transform strategy into implementation, Ronnie can make it happen!

Casual labour/removalists/delivery/any

David* is a highly personable and willing worker. His passion is music but needs to earn a living so is open to various work options.


Elsa* has the winning combination of maturity and youthful energy. She will bring her extensive life skills, ‘can do’ attitude and excellent presentation to any admin/reception/retail position. Prefers part time city or north location.

Senior Admin (Media)

Jayne* is highly qualified and educated ready to accept the challenges of a stimulating senior admin position preferably in the financial sector/media environment. Very well presented with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Information/Library Services/data entry

JOSEPH* is a young man who is highly educated and has many skills – including post graduate qualifications in information services. He loves archiving and historical research and would perform well in an admin/data entry position. He is very personable and communicative despite mild Asperger’s syndrome. He would thrive with an understanding and supportive employer who gives clear instructions and encouragement.

Carer/Organizer/housekeeper extraordinaire

Monica* is a delightful, dynamic, energetic organizer/carer looking for part-time work. Will take care of elderly/cook/clean/de-clutter/drive. Fluent in Hebrew/English

IT Support Position

Tony* is a highly motivated IT helpdesk person with an Advanced Diploma who will solve customers’ issues with hard and software. He would thrive and deliver in a supportive environment where he is given clear direction.

Part-time Sports administration/general admin

Ralph* is a very personable young man who is looking for a stimulating but low pressure part time admin position. He is sociable and passionate about sport and would thrive in a sports administration environment.


If you would like to engage with JewishCare to support clients seeking employment please contact Charmaine Silove 93028024 or