Referring someone for care

At JewishCare we often help people who have nowhere to turn and are powerless to navigate a system while dealing with life’s challenges.

A mother reading a story to her two children.

Our team understands that having the support of a community behind you means that you aren’t alone – that there is someone there to help.

One of our values here at JewishCare is kindness – when someone is feeling so totally lost, reaching out with kindness coupled with the ability to provide real help can make all the difference.

By referring someone in need of help, you help to make their world a brighter place.

How do I refer someone for care?


If you know someone who is 65 or older and would benefit from assistance at home, please complete the Aged Care Support Referral form.


If you know someone who is under 65 and requires disability support services, please complete the NDIS Support Referral form.


If you need to refer someone to our Mental Health Team please complete the Mental Health Support Referral Form.


If you need to refer a young person or family to our Family Support or Youth Wellbeing Team, please complete the Child and Family Support Referral Form.

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